At Alserco, we undertake the automation of new and in-use machinery. We offer the best automation solutions for autoclaves, pasteurisation tunnels, cookers and cooling towers from any manufacturer.

Replacement of outdated controllers and paper recorders

We design the control system for each device according to the process to be controlled, the variables involved and the scope desired by the clients in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and investment.

Our automation systems are made by a highly qualified team with components of renowned manufacturers (Siemens, Schneider, Weidmuller…). And, therefore, these automation systems are characterized by the accuracy of their signals and great response capacity.

HMI screen 12”

PLC for fully automatic control.

Setting up of complex ramps and process steps, with all versatility for the development of different thermal cycles

Latest generation PID

Continuous surveillance system with alarms and deviation management systems

Library with capacity for 100 recipes (expandable)

Automatic or manual execution system, with activation of the elements through the synoptic screen

Access and users control

Alserco SCADA

developped by Alserco

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of heat treatment has allowed us to develop our own SCADA system adapted to the day-to-day demands in the industry.


Alserco SCADA facilitates the management of information from retorts, pasteurising tunnels and other equipment.

Alserco SCADA software allows remote access from the computers of the employees involved in managing the equipment. This function also enables Alserco staff to provide remote technical service, reducing response times and avoiding travel costs.

maquinaria industria alimentaria pontevedra

Recording of data

Automatic recording of all process data, with the possibility of adding notes.


maquinaria industria alimentaria galicia

Data management

Complies with FDA FDR Part 11 regulations.


maquinaria industria alimentaria galicia

Issuance of reports

The knowledge of our process validation department has allowed us to include in our SCADA a series of tools that simplify the work of quality managers when generating reports.


From Alserco, we place at your disposal all our “know-how” in the area of food heat treatment. We offer a comprehensive service that goes from the design and manufacturing of food processing machinery to training and consulting in food safety; all going through the process validation (temperature distribution and heat penetration: TD & HP studies).