In food industry, quality and food safety are crucial. In Alserco, we help you with the analysis and control of the possible hazards present in your facilities and processes. This way, we guaranteed the manufacture of your products is conduct without any type of risk to the consumers’ health.

Our team has extensive experience providing guidance in the adaptation of quality management and food safety systems and carrying out the activities needed for their validation.


Food safety consulting services

Process validation (TD and HP testing) – Food Process Authority (FDA)

Advisory services to US exportation (FDA)

Training in Food Safety

Calibration Services

We work supporting and guiding companies in the area of food safety, offering fully personalized services.

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Customised Food Safety Consulting & Training

We advise you on compliance with the requirements established by the health authorities or quality and food safety certifications.

Thermal Process Authority (FDA) for validation of heat treatments in retorts, cookers, pasteurising tunnels and more.

In recent years, we have specialized in advising for food exports to the United States (USA), collaborating with our clients in adapting their systems to the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. (FSMA).

We have a department of professionals with extensive experience in process validation. We conduct the necessary studies to validate your heat treatment process following the most restrictive food safety standards. This has led us to achieve recognition as Thermal Process Authority by the FDA.

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Contact us! Addressing food safety with long-term vision is essential to avoid endangering consumers’ health. Not to mention that is much costlier to solve these problems than preventing them. Food hazards not only generate health damage in consumers in the and long term, but also in the image and reputation of food brands.

From Alserco, we place at your disposal all our “know-how” in the area of food heat treatment. We offer a comprehensive service that goes from the design and manufacturing of food processing machinery to training and consulting in food safety; all going through the process validation (temperature distribution and heat penetration: TD & HP studies).