Machinery for the food industry

Food Safety

Alserco, integral solutions in the field of food heat treatment

At Alserco, we have a multidisciplinary team that allows us to offer to our clients integral solutions in the field of food heat treatment through our two main business lines: food processing machinery and food safety.

As far as machinery is concerned, we create custom-designed equipment that guarantees an optimal sterilisation/pasteurisation. Our equipment is conceived according to our clients’ products and packaging, as well as to the heat treatment applied.

Furthermore, in case of irregularities when carrying out the process validation, we are able to identify and execute the necessary adjustments in the equipment.

All you need in the field of food heat treatment

Retorts for the food industry

Automatic loading systems

Calibration of equipment

Training in food safety

Technical Assistance Service (TAS)

Pasteurisation tunnels

Heat penetration studies

Advisory services to US exportation (FDA)

Equipment automation

Spare parts

Temperature distribution studies

Food safety consulting

More than 30 years
providing value.
At Alserco, we seek to provide real value to our clients, adopting their projects as our own. We share with our clients all the knowledge acquired over the years in the area of food thermal treatment.
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Our effort and dedication over the years allowed us to earn the recognition and trust of the main companies in the canning sector consolidating long-term relationships with them in Spain and in the rest of the world.