At Alserco, we design and manufacture highly versatile machinery for the food industry, with customised design that perfectly adapt to each client.

tuneles de pasteurizacion vigo
We combine our knowledge in machinery and process in order to obtain an adequate balance between product safety and product quality, as well as achieve maximum efficiency from your equipment.
Our commitment to continuous innovation allows us to make great strides in the domain of energy and production efficiency through the homogenisation of temperature distribution and the innovative and accurate technology for the control of our equipment.
We offer custom-designed machinery for the food industry
All our machines are equipped with the latest generation of controllers. These systems, combined with our own designed SCADA software, offers the possibility of digitalising the heat treatment area.

Retorts for the food industry


Automatic retorts/pasteurisers loading systems


Pasteurisation tunnels


Recirculation circuits for cooling water to retorts/pasteurisers


Other equipment

maquinaria industria alimentaria pontevedra

Alternatively, if you prefer to bet on increasing the lifetime of existing equipment, Alserco can help you to optimise their performance through a modernisation reform.

We improve and update your equipment for food thermal treatment

maquinaria seguridad alimentaria galicia

We match your company's quality and food safety objectives

maquinaria seguridad alimentaria galicia

We minimise investment by using all those elements that are still useful

We improve and upgrade your food heat treatment equipment

We adapt your retorts, pasteurisers, cookers and others to the latest sanitary requirements and customer’s requests through mechanical upgrading, automation or controllers’ replacement.
At Alserco, we undertake all our machinery projects for the food industry with a long-term approach, minimising this way the investments that you will have to make in the future.


From Alserco, we place at your disposal all our “know-how” in the area of food heat treatment. We offer a comprehensive service that goes from the design and manufacturing of food processing machinery to training and consulting in food safety; all going through the process validation (temperature distribution and heat penetration: TD & HP studies).